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Sue White lives in Roseville Michigan and works out of the home. She loves to teach and educate people on the benefits of keeping your body healthy and the planet healthy and free from the chemicals.  Sue also feels it is important to read labels and especially to know the company you are dealing with.  She loves networking and meeting new people.

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Sue Says



Like all baby-boomers, myself included, I think we are looking to live well and make a difference we can leave to our children and grandchildren.  I believe taking a vested interested in our homes and the world around us is key to leaving a positive impact for our family and our planet.  I believe being conscious and accountable for keeping a safe, clean and healthy environment is the responsibility for each and every one of us and to teach our children and grandchildren how precious our world actually is.

Please help me in spreading the word about the easy and significant changes that can and will make a difference to all of us facing health issues, and the deterioration of our very important planet.

Some important facts…1 in 3 school age children in America suffer from asthma and/or allergies…and the rate of these conditions has increased 160% from 1980 to 1994…that over 200,000 poisonings happen every year and are directly related to household cleaners…in the last several decades over 80,000 chemical have been introduced into our lives and less than 20% have been tested for human health issues…most of the chemicals in your home right now  even have the FDA warning us against having them in our homes due to health issues they can cause.   TRULY A WAKE UP CALL.

 The cost to re-direct your spending you may think must be alarming.  Well it is.  You can save nearly $3,400 a year.  In addition to to keeping your family safe by using non toxic, chemical free products, you could eliminate 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills…reducing green house gases by 248 pounds…the environmental equivalence of planting 10 trees, just to mention a few important ways to positively impact the earth.

 With a Get Clean Kit this is possible and more.  If just one in four households re-directed their cleaning products, 7 BILLION pounds of carbon emissions is saved every year and it protects the family from the toxic and dangerous chemicals.  Not to mention that you can save thousands of dollars!

 “Living in Harmony with nature” was the mission of Dr Shaklee almost 60 years ago and today we live with the same integrity.  Join in the fight to a better and healthier way of life.

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