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Sue Says:

Like all baby-boomers, myself included, I think we are looking to live well and make a difference we can leave to our children and grandchildren.  I believe taking a vested interested in our homes and the world around us is key to leaving a positive impact for our family and our planet.  I believe being conscious and accountable for keeping a safe, clean and healthy environment is the responsibility for each and every one of us and to teach our children and grandchildren how precious our world actually is.

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About Sue

About Sue

Let me start by telling you that I'm a woman on a mission and that mission includes you.  I am looking to discover, share and be a part of an area that is soaring daily.  What we can have together is a way of connecting to other men and women with our information, ideas, help, comments, recipes, events and everyday happenings that we all can benefit from.

I was born and raised in Roseville, Michigan.  (suburb of Detroit) I now live in Swanton Ohio and have been here only a short 8 years.  I met the love of my life on "match.com" (yes we are a success story).   He  is originally from New Mexico and came here to the Toledo area over 20 years ago working as an Exec in the field of Non- Profit.

I am one of 6 siblings, all of whom still live in MI.  My mom is a healthy 83 years old and my remarkable father passed in 2006.  I have 3 children of my own and 4 children that actually belong to Larry (my hubby).  Together we are the grandparents of 11. 
I work from my home as an Independent Shaklee Distributor and I educate in the field of nutrition and safe chemical free cleaning.  My husband is a web Designer and also works from our home in Swanton.  Together we compliment each other in our given fields and it seems to be a good match!

My life has truly been an incredible journey so far, and I look forward to the next step.  Please join in my quest to get out there and create a safe, informative and enjoyable place to go and be an active part.

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